The Foundation offers a combined subscription service for a complete 1) teacher instructional support and 2) personalized student learning program based on a small amount per student in a school or district that provides the following


The Expert Systems for Teachers® instructional support program provides access for all teachers and student to over 100 core and elective subject-specific instructional support resources in 16 subject areas and mentoring teacher access. The resources include every day lesson plans, editable PowerPoint lecture support, complete student activity book of lab manual and editable assessments. Empirical evidence shows improvement in content mastery among enrolled teachers from average pre-test score of 61% to post-test score of 90%. Details for this portion of the combined support service may be found the Teaching Point Catalog page.


This personalized student learning program and remedial assistance for students includes administrative record tracking for teachers. Subjects areas include K12 Math, Science, English and Social Studies with online interactiveactivities, pre-tests, test preps, and post-tests for students and lesson plans for teachers. Empirical evidence shows 86% of at-risk and second-language-learners using the system passed their high school exit exam vs. 30% of students not using it. Linked below are two information pages regarding the eTAP portion of the subscription service:
eTAP_info.pdf and eTAP_for_Teachers.pdf

TO DISCUSS access to the entire resource catalog of the combined subscription, you may

Email info@thetlf.org or request a phone conversation.
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