The Teaching and Learning Foundation offers complete instructional support programs for in-service teachers and their students

100% of teachers have new assignments at some point in their career.  Certainly they do when they first start as a novice teacher, then again, occasionally as an experienced teacher.  The Expert Systems for Teachers® is a practical, economical solution in situations where teachers need to be not only 1) technically highly-qualified by passing a general subject-area test, but also 2) prepared with subject-specific instructional and mentoring support to be a highly-effective teacher for a specific course within the subject area. If you are just starting to teach a course for the first time or have taught it for a year or two, these instructional supports will be helpful in getting any teacher “up to speed.”

What’s best for my school, district or me?

Below are listed 3 ``just-in-time`` options to assist with school and district teacher recruitment, development and retention issues. These options address the needs of teachers with new subject assignments, whether novice, experienced, technically qualified or not.

Option 1: INSTRUCTIONAL SUPPORT FOR INDIVIDUAL TEACHERS with new assignments may find subject-specific instructional support and subject-specific mentoring teacher access through the Expert Systems for Teachers® Series helpful. Details of these instructional support materials may be found at the note and link posted below under Expert Systems for Teachers®.

Option 2: UNIVERSITY ONLINE COURSES FOR TEACHERS who want or need additional subject-area certification or credit toward license renewal, particularly those with new subject assignments, may enroll in any of over 100 subject-specific online courses (includes all the elements of Option 1) may enroll through participating universities (currently Texas A&M at Commerce, University of Missouri at St. Louis or University of North Florida).

Option 3: COMBINED SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE FOR SCHOOLS OR DISTRICTS, to address recruitment, development and retention issues, includes 1) the Expert Systems for Teachers® with its subject-specific instructional support for teachers and their students and 2) eTAP (Teacher Assistance Program) that provides a personalized student learning and remedial program with and administrative student tracking. This subscription service provides access to the entire series of both the Expert Systems for Teachers® and eTAP. For details of this Combined Subscription Service, see note and link posted below.

Expert Systems for Teachers®

This Teaching Point program provides subject-specific instructional support materials and mentoring teacher access for inservice K12 teachers with new assignments that leads to improved student achievement. Included are over 100 core and elective subject-specific instructional support resources in 16 subject areas with daily lesson plans, editable PowerPoint lecture support, complete student activity book or lab manual and editable assessments. Empirical evidence of success is provided at links on University Partners page.

University Courses

The Foundation supports the Expert Systems for Teachers® subject-specific certification program with over 100 subject-specific courses developed for both public and private school recruitment, development and retention of in-service K-12 teachers. The courses:

  • Enable in-service teachers to become better prepared for new assignments
  • Award half of the hours toward K12 teacher license renewal upon approval of your school or district
  • Provides a path to highly-qualified certification, particularly when unavoidably assigned out-of-field, and
  • Helps prepare teachers to be highly-effective.

Hosting universities include Texas A&M School of Education at Commerce, University of Missouri School of Education at St. Louis. Empirical evidence of success is provided at links on University Partners page.

Combined Subscription Service

A combined subscription service to the entire Expert Systems for Teachers® from Teaching Point and eTAP (Teacher Assistance Program) series provides support for both teachers and their students. This service combines the Teaching Point subject-specific instructional support for teachers (as described nearby) with the eTAP personalized student learning program and remedial assistance. eTAP includes administrative record tracking and lesson plans for teachers, interactive activities, pre-tests, test preps, and post-tests for students. Empirical evidence of success is provided at links on University Partners page.

Learning Management System

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