The Teaching and Learning Foundation offers complete instructional support programs for in-service teachers and their students

Combined Subscription Service

The Foundation offers a combined subscription service for a complete teacher and student assistance program that, for $24 per student per year for the total number of students in a school or district, provides

Teaching Point

Access for all teachers and student to over 100 core and elective subject-specific instructional support resources in 16 subject areas and mentoring teacher access. The resources include every day lesson plans, editable PowerPoint lecture support, complete student activity book of lab manual and editable assessments. Empirical evidence shows improvement in content mastery among enrolled teachers from average pre-test score of 55% to post-test score of 90%.

eTAP (Teaching Assistance Program)

All teachers receive K12 instructional support that provides personalized learning and remedial assistance for students with administrative record tracking. Subjects areas include K12 Math, Science, English and Social Studies with lesson plans for teachers, plus online interactive activities, pre-tests, test preps, and post-tests for students. Empirical evidence shows 86% of at-risk and second-language-learners using the system passed their high school exit exam vs. 30% of students not using it.

Linked below are two information pages regarding the eTAP portion of the subscription service:

eTAP information.
eTAP for teachers

Details for each program in this combined subscription may be found at these links:

http://www.teaching-point.net (click on “Catalog” for list of courses)

Questions? Email info@thetlf.org for a reply by email or request a phone conversation.

What to talk now? Call 800-460-0948 or outside USA: 904-565-2645


The Foundation supports a subject-specific certification program for K-12 teachers by the name of the Expert Systems for Teachers(R) developed for both public and private schools.

  • Enables in-service teachers to become better prepared for new assignments
  • Awards half of the hours toward K12 teacher license renewal or equivalent of 3 semester continuing education units towards the 6 required for recertification depending upon the state, province or country upon approval of your district
  • Provides a path to highly-qualified certification, particularly when unavoidably assigned out-of-field, and
  • Helps prepare them to be highly-effective.


The program serves two categories of teachers


  • Novice or experienced
  • With a collegiate major or minor in the subject
  • 2 parts program
  • subject-specific instructional support materials
  • subject-specific e-mentors


  • Novice or experienced
  • With neither collegiate major nor minor in the subject
  • 3 parts program
  • online courses
  • instructional support materials and e-mentors

Participating Universities host a series of over 100 for-credit online courses providing a path to highly-qualify teachers by subject.

Grant: A grant was established by the State of Florida for Florida teachers to pay for tuition in the Expert Systems for Teachers(TM) online courses to help them better prepare for new assignments.

For more information on how your state, district or school can benefit from this complete subject-specific instructional support program for your teachers and students, you may email info@thetlf.org.

100% of teachers have new assignments at some point in their career.  Certainly they do when they first start as a novice teacher, then again, occasionally as an experienced teacher.  The Expert Systems for Teachers™ is a practical, economical solution in situations where teachers need to be not only 1) technically highly-qualified by passing a general subject-area test, but also 2) prepared with subject-specific instructional and mentoring support to be a highly-effective teacher for a specific course within the subject area. If you are just starting to teach a course for the first time or have taught it for a year or two, these instructional supports will be helpful in getting any teacher “up to speed.”

What’s best for me?Below is a chart to help determine the best “just-in-time” solution, among the elements of the 3-part program, for those teachers with new subject assignments, whether novice, experienced, technically qualified or not:

  • Part 1 (subject-specific instructional support)
  • Part 2 (subject-specific mentoring teacher access) of the program may be ordered at Teaching-Point.net through the Catalog pages and shopping cart (or through school P.O.).
  • Part 3, the Online Courses (includes parts 1 and 2) may be enrolled through participating universities in subject-specific online courses for 3 CEU’s or 60 in-service points/hours toward certification or recertification.

TEACHINGpoint instructional support course material, Mentoring Teacher Program and Online Courses qualify for funding, beyond departmental budgets in most countries as professional development or instructional support materials. In the U.S., for instance,there are many sources for funding Teaching Point Instructional Support Materials and Mentoring Teacher Program in schools including but not limited to U.S. Department of Education Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA, formerly No Child Left Behind): Title I, 5-10% of which can be used for professional development; Title IIa, Improving Teacher Quality State Grants, which is 100% for professional development of teachers; Title 5, Innovative Programs also 100% for PD (speak to your School District Federal Funds Director) for which Teaching Point materials qualify; School Improvement Grants (SIG) Program, Race to the Top, Carl Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, Tech Prep Consortia, Comprehensive School Reform Grants, Achievement Zone, Gates Foundation, RTI Funds, Workforce Development Grants, State and Federal Grant Funds, Milton Foundation, Professional Development funds; New Teacher funds; School Improvement funds; Comprehensive School Reform funding; local, state, regional or national educational foundations.

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