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State Legislatures and private foundations have already funded over 800 teacher enrollments in the Highly-Effective Teacher Grant Program. Individuals, Private Foundations, Corporations and State Legislatures are encouraged to provide tuition grants for Expert Systems for Teachers Series ® Online Courses that provide teachers with subject-specific instructional support materials and subject-specific mentoring teacher access through the Teaching and Learning Foundation. Over 100 courses are offered through the Texas A&M University School of Education at Commerce (TAMUC), University, University of Missouri School of education at St. Louis (UMSL) and University of North Florida (UNF) Division of Continuing Education.

Who should enroll to take these online courses?

  • Teachers assigned to a subject “out-of-field” and need to be “Highly Qualified” in the subject.
  • Teachers with a collegiate major or minor in a general subject area and are “technically qualified” to teach the subject who have not taught the specific subject previously.
  • Teachers of the subject that are interested in ways to improve their understanding of or delivery of the subject.

Email us at info@thetlf.org if you want, or need, instructional and mentoring teacher support for specific classroom assignments. 

How will I benefit?

The over 100 courses available include complete, sequential day-to-day maps that will assist in your classroom teaching with editable instructional support materials and subject-specific mentoring teacher access. Additionally, these ``how to teach this specific subject`` courses are designed for use with any textbook you have been assigned.

  • If you are ``out-of-field`` and need to take a Subject Area Exam (SAE) to be highly-qualified, continuing education hours toward license renewal are awarded to you upon passing the SAE; additionally, half the hours toward license renewal are awarded upon passing the end-of-course content mastery test.
  • If you are ``Highly Qualified`` in the broad subject-area, but the subject-specific course content you are assigned to teach is new to you, half the hours toward license renewal are awarded upon passing the end-of-course content mastery test (without the need to take the SAE).


  • The scope and sequence of the subject material.
  • The content and pedagogy to successfully deliver the material to your students.
  • How to engage your students in the subject on a daily basis.


The over 100 subject-specific courses are online, asynchronous, independent study through a school year. The course content is designed to save the teacher hundreds of hours of classroom prep time as the instructional support materials serve as a guide through the school year in the new subject assignment. There is a subject-specific pre-test and post-test for each online course. The pre-test does not count toward the grade as it only establishes a baseline of content knowledge. To pass the online course the post-test must be passed with a score of 70% or better.

For additional Details

The Expert Systems for Teachers® instructional support course material and Mentoring Teacher Program from Teaching Point qualify for funding, beyond departmental budgets in most countries as professional development or instructional support materials. In the U.S., for instance, there are many sources for funding Teaching Point Instructional Support Materials and Mentoring Teacher Program in schools including but not limited to:

  • ESSA Title I, 5%-10% of which can be used for professional development, for which Teaching Point materials qualify; and
  • ESSA, Title IIa, Improving Teacher Quality State Grants, which is 100% for professional development of teachers,
  • ESSA, Title 5, Innovative Programs (speak to your School District Federal Funds Director)
School Improvement Grant funds; Carl Perkins Foundation, Tech Prep Consortia, Comprehensive School Reform Grants, Achievement Zone, Gates Foundation, RTI Funds, Workforce Development Grants, State and Federal Grant Funds, Milton Foundation, and Race to the Top, Professional Development funds; New Teacher funds; Comprehensive School Reform funding; local, state, regional or national educational foundations.

Grant search engines/lists

  • DonorsChoose – Teachers can create projects with certain vendors which then get funded by parents, community members, etc. Great for books, technology, supplies, etc (How to submit a project)
  • PledgeCents – Another education focused crowdsourcing platform. This one allows you to keep all money you raise, even if you don’t meet your goal. Can be used for school projects, classroom projects and even professional development (hello conference fees!)
  • GoFundMe – Not education focused. Individuals can create pitches for projects they’re trying to raise money for and offer “rewards” for different levels of donations.
  • IndieGoGo – Another crowdfunding site where individuals can create projects and ask for donations.
  • Kickstarter – Generally for larger, innovative projects, like building an entire library after a disaster. Must raise total goal to get funds.
Grant & Funding Sources
Technology/STEM Professional Development
  • NEA Foundation – Grants for high-quality professional development experiences.
Other resources

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